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heavy head

empty heart

Emma: she finds shapes in the clouds
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My name is Emma.

As long as I always have books and Broadway, I will be happy.

I have a gigantic heart. I care about everyone. I don’t give up on people. Promise.

Helping people is extremely important to me. I want to save the world, or at least try to.

I belong in a big city with lots of people, and even more culture.

I want to see the entire world.

I love art. I can appreciate every type of it. Music moves me. Stories inspire me. Pictures make me happy. I practice writing, photography, and acting. As far as my art is concerned I am Emma Mary.

This is the picture that is supposed to be posted above, I get a kick out of them taking it off photobucket.

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I appreciate each and every little thing. I love life. My passion puts a smile on my face every single day.

I am anxious to fall in love, but unwilling to be immature about it. I'm goofy and silly and love to laugh. I know when it is time to be serious. I don't take crap or excuses. I work hard. I believe everything is situational. I am a wonderful keeper of secrets. I am a natural leader. I have an old soul. I am always cold. I am fiercely independent. I know that people are the only things that really matter. I need those around me. I understand sometimes that who we are can be hypocritical. I believe in respect. I have flaws.

Oh, and I'm the Managing Director (which is the student in charge) of my high school's robotics team. I have a partner. I don't build robots. I use to club as a way to express my love of planning and organizing events and things. Our team is also faithfully involved in community service, my favorite part of the club. During January and February I don't have a single second to take away from robotics, other times it is still the biggest part of my life.